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Chemical Names: METHANDROSTENOLONE; Methandienone; Metandienone; 72-63-9; Dianabol; Metanabol   More…
Molecular Formula: C20H28O2
Molecular Weight: 300.442 g/mol
Drug Information: Therapeutic Uses  FDA UNII
Safety Summary: Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS)

Methandrostenolone is a synthetic steroid with anabolic properties that are more pronounced than its androgenic effects. It has little progestational activity. (From Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed, p1188)

Methandrostenolone (trade names Averbol, Dianabol, AnaTREX, Danabol), also known as metandienone (INN) or methandienone, is an orally-effective anabolic steroid originally developed in Germany and released in the US in the early 1960s by Ciba Specialty Chemicals. Methandrostenolone is a controlled substance in the United States and Western Europe, but remains popular among bodybuilders. However, methandrostenolone is readily available without a prescription in countries such as Mexico (under the trade name Reforvit-b), and is also being manufactured in Asia and many East European countries.

AnaTREX 5mg® – Methandienone tablets 5mg / 1tab,100tabs