Concentrex Laboratories offers online product authentication check-tool.
Anytime you can get assured that you have a genuine Concentrex Laboratories product to prevent counterfeits.

CAUTION! Please, make sure you have entered a correct code. Codes consist of letters and numbers.

Authentication in 3 simple Steps:

  1. Scratch off metalic layer from sticker on backside of product box to reveal special code
  2. Insert this code to Check form and click “Check”
  3. Get the result with information about authenticity and type of the product.

Be carefull in case that you will get notification “This code has been already been checked ” It an mean that you are not first who  checked the code and you can have counterfeit in your hand.

Do not hasitate to contact our support center if you would face to any problems with your code. Support contact

IMPORTANT: This feature is new. Scratch codes can be found only on new batch of products sold from August 2018.



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